Dances I've composed

Friendship Basket                      Karen Missavage open mixer, no partner           August 1992
Start in two concentric circles


Into the center and back Repeat
Inners circle left; outers right (or promenade single file) Reverse all that
B1 Find 2 ++ people and circle left
B2 Same folks basket. Open out into concentric circles


N.B. Written expressly for dances with extreme gender imbalance. During B1, circling folks should look around to collect standees into their group. To enhance mingling, leave out the reverse in A2; "keep going, keep going." Nice ending--one big circle and basket.


Hasta Livonia                                  Karen Missavage Trio (3 facing 3, any genders)                                3/10/92

A1  Circle of six slip left
       Slip back to the right

A2   Middles turn contra corners; return to place

B1    Hey for three (start by facing right)

B2    Forward & back
        Forward again and pass through to new group

Written for the final dance in a new series (Livonia Public Schools' 2nd Fridays in metro Detroit). Intended as a farm club for a novice promoter, band, and callers, it served as training ground for freshly-collected dances, and a social event for newcomers to country dancing. Many are ballroom dancers sans partners, hence this trio format. (A relatively painless introduction to contra corners and heys, since they can't get lost.) "Hasta" is Spanish; it translates as "until next time."