Becoming a caller

I'm happy to help!

There's just one activity that's as much fun as dancing at a traditional country dance event...and that's being behind the microphone. Leading dances is the thing I do best -- and the best thing that I do. Proud to have launched several callers into the public realm!

All you need is a willingness to practice, and to help others have a great good time. Living in or near a large metropolitan area (with colleges and single folks) helps; every community has schools, youth groups, and congregations, with events like office parties, proms, and harvest festivals.
If you would like to get started as a caller, or further develop your skills, I'm ready and able to provide resources, comments, advice, and guidelines. Want to offer a historic program? Entertain a school group? Establish a community dance society? I'm committed to building a legacy, and would be pleased to hear from you.
February 1992 - Livonia adult ed class